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We are delighted to be able to report that 2022 has been another fantastic year for Shree Gyanjyoti school.  With the help of our LEARN supporters, we have continued to be able to provide scholarships to children from Dalit and other low caste families.  This year, the school has 189 students of which more than 100 are on full or partial scholarships.

Some of the children enjoying a fun game

The year 8 leavers once again came out top of 39 schools in their rural municipality, a fantastic achievement demonstrating again the amount of effort and dedication from staff and students alike.  The school has also, during the course of the year, participated in dance and quiz competitions and other activities in their municipality, ensured the Covid vaccinations of all eligible students and continued their relationship with the students at St. Mary’s School in Hawkshaw, Bury.

Recently, Devi Prasad Neupane (the school’s founder and President) was appointed to the district education committee, recognising both his personal abilities and the outstanding progress made by the school since its formation 15 years ago and we were delighted to hear such wonderful news.

The hugely inspirational Devi Prasad

Both Devi Prasad and Balkrishna Gaire (the school Principal) are incredibly dedicated to ensuring the fabulous academic education for all of the children at the school but they always have the full interests of the children foremost in their thinking.  Just last month, they arranged for the superintendent and other staff from the mission hospital 10 miles away from the school to come and talk with the students about mental health issues which is so important.  

Some of the participants of the mental health programme

The latest email from Devi Prasad also explained to us that many of the ex-students of the school keep in touch with him.  Three girls from Dalit families who had been on full scholarships throughout their time at Shree Gyanjyoti, have now gone on to studies in further education (two doing a 3 year course in Animal Studies (one of whom was a child from the family who received the first goats as gifts through the work of LEARN) and one doing a 4 year course in Computer Science).  Sadly, the girls had written to Devi Prasad and explained that they are doing well and enjoying their courses but were unable to pay their course and accommodation fees as their families are unemployed and illiterate and the economic crisis was proving too much.  All money given to LEARN goes directly to the school itself so it is outside of LEARN’s remit to support them but through Maureen and Michael’s LEARN contacts, it looks probable that a separate fund is being set up to support these three girls.  How amazing that three Dalit Nepali girls (who wouldn’t normally have received any formal education) have been able to attend Shree Gyanjyoti School, get a great start to their education and then, through continued support given them by Devi Prasad are now able to continue their education to such a high level. And that is what makes LEARN so special – it enables the education of so many children who otherwise would receive none.  LEARN, through supporters like you, continues to transform lives!

The young girl and her mother at home where they received the first goat
Outside her college where she studies computer science
At college studying animal science but hoping to go on to be a fully qualified vet

Once again, this year has been a very difficult year for Charities.  Michael and Maureen have recently been able to travel and give some talks and sales, but opportunities continue to be limited.  We remain massively grateful to all who support the work of LEARN.  Your generosity continues to ensure that ALL children in this little village in Nepal have access to a fantastic education and, therefore, a better future.  Never underestimate the difference that your support makes.  THANK YOU on behalf of students, their families, staff, LEARN and all those in the village that we have been able to help.

It always feels uncomfortable thanking people for their generous support and then going on to ask for more.  However, we believe so much in all that LEARN does that we need to continue to meet the needs of the school.  We are genuinely hugely grateful for all that our supporters do.  However, if you feel able to offer further support: 

  1. The ‘Gifts for Life’ Certificates make wonderful Christmas presents and were well received by many last year.
  2. Donations can be given at any time.
  3. Consider setting up a standing order (a commitment of just £5 per month would be enough to pay the scholarship of one child)
  4. Tell other people about LEARN
  5. Invite Michael and Maureen to do a talk and/or sale.

For information on how to do any of the above, visit our website: www.learnnepal.org.uk or email us at enquiries@learnnepal.org.uk

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