School Exams and Covid-19 Update

Last week, we received an email update from Devi Prasad.  Our last blog mentions that the students were just completing their end of year exams.  The news is that the results are now through for the exams and once again, they are outstanding!  All of the students in all years passed the exams with good marks – one student in nursery even achieving a fantastic 99.3%

If I understand the Nepali education system correctly, they have taken ‘external exams’ and the eighth grade students (those in the final year at Shree Gyanjyoti before they move on to the next stage of education) have done really well.

3 of the 16 students scored 4.0 (the maximum achievable!) and they have achieved the first position in their rural municipality.  So, as LEARN Trustees, we send big congratulations to all of our students and their outstanding teachers and a massive thank you to you – all of our supporters, without whom this would not be possible!  The staff really are committed and constantly do a wonderful job of educating the children – offering them a future that many could only have dreamt of.

In terms of other news, there isn’t much to report as they are all in strict lock down as we are here.  Devi Prasad reports that the number of Covid-19 cases are increasing but as yet, Nepal has no deaths to report.  They have not had any confirmed cases in their village and, hopefully with continued lock down, it will remain that way!  Some of them in the village are struggling financially and for food, etc. but some aid is getting through to them.

The new academic year should now have started but they obviously cannot open the school until it is safe to do so.  However, the Head – Balkrishna, Devi Prasad and the staff are all working hard to ensure that they will be ready to start as soon as it becomes possible and are making whatever attempts are possible to ensure that all students are able to return along with other new starters.

So, thank you all for your efforts and support and please remember our students, their families and the staff in your thoughts and prayers.  THANK YOU

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