Meet the Trustees

Michael and Maureen Hawksworth

We were married in 1965, have 3 children and 11 grandchildren and understand and appreciate the importance of a good education.  We worked in Nepal for six years, during which time we raised funds to build the school.  We have supported it since 2007 by financing teacher training, scholarships for poor (mainly low caste) students and adult literacy classes.  We visit the school regularly and are very pleased with its ethos and progress.  We hope that forming a charity will ensure its long term future.

Jane Bayliss

I learnt about the charity from my parents who raised funds to build the school from the start and have been heavily involved with the school for years. We have a close family link to Nepal as my sister also worked out there for many years so I feel that LEARN is a great charity for me to be involved in.

Alison Davies

I had a good education, went on to University and then spent the next ten years teaching Biology in one of England’s finest independent girls schools. My husband completed a PhD, our eldest daughter has just completed her degree and our youngest daughter is nearing the end of her good quality secondary education.  As a family, we would never underestimate the value of a good education and we have all been privileged to have been educated for free (with the exception of University fees!)

EDUCATION IS A RIGHT NOT A PRIVILEGE – inspired by the story of Shree Gyanjyoti School and the work done so far by Michael and Maureen, I feel honoured to be a trustee of the charity.

Sarah Marfell-Cadman

My name is Sarah and I am married with two children, Isabella and Alex. I first met Michael and Maureen several years ago through their daughter Jane, who is one of my closest friends, and have heard so much about the financial and practical support that they have provided for people in Nepal over the years. As a Primary School Assistant Head, I am passionate about education for young people and appreciate the difference it can make to our children’s future. I would love to see the same access to education for all children and feel that LEARN can help to make a real difference for children in Nepal. I was delighted to be asked to support the Charity and feel it is such an honour to be able to help Michael and Maureen continue the incredible work that they do in Nepal.

Alison McGarel

I was born and raised in Scotland but moved down to Bolton when I married about 32 years ago. I have a son and a daughter and one beautiful grandson, I love spending time with them. My main career was teaching maths to 11 – 16 year olds. I  am passionate about maths and enjoyed teaching for 18 years before I retired in 2016.
I have been a supporter of the school in Nepal for a number of years now after listening to a very inspirational talk by Michael and Maureen Hawksworth. My support enables a few children to get a good education in rural Nepal.
I have had the privilege of visiting the school in 2014. The school has very limited resources but the children were all happy to be receiving an excellent education. Becoming a trustee is a natural next step for me to continue my support of the school in Nepal.

Joanna Jowett

I first heard about Nepal through Michael and  Maureen’s sermon raising awareness of Leprosy. That morning I knew I had to help the people of Nepal. I have supported UNCLE and Maureen and the ladies who make jewellery whenever I could. Becoming a trustee of LEARN is an honour and privilege and allows me to help Nepalese children get an education they deserve.

Priya Macdonald

I was born in Nepal while my parents were working in a leprosy hospital there and lived there for four and a half years, so I have always had a very personal connection to Nepal. I also had the privilege of visiting the school in summer 2016, and really enjoyed my visit. I am now in my final years of secondary school and plan to go on to study medicine in the future. Education is a huge part of my life and I think everyone should have access to a good quality education, which is why I became a trustee of LEARN.